human-centered design education

I piloted an in-class activity with my human-centered design class today. In preparation for class, students read Don Norman’s essay, Human-Centered Design Considered Harmful. Then, in class, I presented them with the following brief:

Using Adobe Photoshop, create a one-sheet explaining/describing the main principles of human-centered design to non-designers. Export the one-sheet as a PDF and upload it to Canvas. Some constraints: the one-sheet must make use of one primary image and 2-3 supporting (secondary) images. The one-sheet must somehow take the limitations Norman outlines in his text into account. Source your images from and place the URL for the source image on your one sheet. It can be discrete, but it has to be there.

You can download the slides I used to frame the activity here, and I welcome any reactions or feedback re: how to do it differently! Also, please feel free to re-use / modify it for your own needs. It seems like a good alternative (or complement) to discussion boards or in-class discussions. Definitely a good alternative to a lecture.

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