Academic Job Interview Questions

I went on the academic job market last fall, and, with help and support from friends, colleagues, and people I’ve never met, I managed to succeed in finding a position at a primarily undergrad institution in Milwaukee, WI. Hooray! More about that soon. Navigating the interviews before arriving at an offer was challenging. I prepared by sketching answers to a set of possible interview questions (which you can download here) modified from questions originally compiled and shared by Austin Henley. I hope both resources help you in your academic job search!

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  1. P.S. If folks have other sets of questions that they used to prep for screening or on-campus interviews I would love to see and possibly share them. I prepped for positions in Information Science and UX Design. Austin is (I think) a computer scientist. So, I’d be interested to know whether folks in other fields prepare to answer/ask different questions.


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