Research is a social process. I work (or have worked) with a lot of smart, and compassionate, people who push me, inspire me, and share in my success. Take a look at my publications page to see the great work resulting from these relationships.

John M. Carroll (post-doc supervisor)

Erik Stolterman (dissertation committee chair, phd advisor, mentor, and friend)

Mary Beth Rosson

Barbara Dennis (phd minor advisor and mentor)

Hamid Ekbia (member of my dissertation committee, mentor, and friend)

Elizabeth Boling (member of my dissertation committee)

Stacy Branham

Laureline Chiapello

Gopinaath Kannabiran

Omar Sosa-Tsec

Haley MacLeod

Bikalpa Neupane

Stuart Reeves

Na Sun

Jomara Sandbulte

Sooyeon Lee

Srishti Gupta

Shipi Dhanorkar

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